Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sound of the Day Podcast - July 12 2005

Sound of the Day Podcast - July 12 2005

Work in an office that's been around for a while? Maybe you don't even have Internet-connected computers at work? If so, you've probably heard the Sound of the Day podcast sound for today. What prehistoric office device made that sound?

The bigger question: How many people have no idea what made the Sound of the Day?

To find out the answer, check out the comments section of this post tomorrow evening.


Sound of the Day said...

The Sound of the Day for July 12, 2005 is an electric typewriter. Now, honestly, how many of you have heard that before (and how many have actually used one)?

Bruce Murray (Zedcaster) said...

I have! My mother had an IBM Selectric and in High School I typed all my papers on it, (yes I'm that old). Even up until 1990 I had a typewriter that I used to print envelopes because my dot-matrix printer wouldn't do it.

Love the sounds,

Bruce Murray
Host of the Zedcast