Monday, July 11, 2005

iTunes Podcast Latency

For some reason unknown to me, the iTunes feed for the Sound of the Day has not updated since the 5th of July. As you can see, the RSS feed for this show and this blog page have been updated every day. I'm not sure why they are no longer updating my feed, but I have contacted them to see why this has happened. Most likely, there's something on their end that is causing this since nothing has really changed on or around the 5th on my side.

Rest assured I'll be working to get this fixed ASAP and will update this page as soon as I can tell things are back to normal.

*Update* It seems that Feedburner's translation of the atom feed produced by is not seeing the enclosures after the 5th of July. The atom feed seems fine, but the enclosures that should be in the Feedburner XML simply are not there. I haven't been doing anything differently, so I can't exactly explain this problem, but I've reported the issue to Feedburner and asked them to look into it.

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