Friday, June 23, 2006

Sound of the Day Podcast - June 22 2006

Sound of the Day Podcast - June 22 2006

The Sound of the Day podcast sound for today is All-American. There are similar experiences in every country around the world, but in the US it seems it's a particular and unique event. If you think you know what the Sound is for today, pass your guess over here.

Here is an eloquent description of the Sound of the Day for June 21, 2006 as described by Aaron Ximm (the creator and curator of Quiet American):

"As might be appropriate for marking Father's Day, I've attached a never-before-shared recording from an experience I treasure that features a father and son performing together.

When my wife and I were on our honeymoon in 2000 we visited Burma. This recording was made a day or so before Christmas at the Mandalay intercity bus terminal we arrived into. Amid the late afternoon traffic, a father and young sun were busking in the dirt lot where the buses parked. The father was playing a simple metallophone (or set of resonant metal cups) and his son was playing percussion with a pair of spoons. After I ponied up a tip befitting a "wealthy" foreign tourist, they were happy to play a few songs for my me to enjoy and record, while my wife ran interference chatting with the various (relatively easy-going) friendly touts advertising their hotels."

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