Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Still working...

I had fully anticipated having some music to put in your ears by now, but it seems I'm still working to make that happen. Fear not, for I have not given up hope and neither should you. I have decided to start writing new music and will impregnate it with Sounds both old and new.

Oh, and it seems the world is a brighter place these days... Babe the Blue Ox seem to be making new music. Life is very good.



I've just finished helping 3 bloggers put music on their blogs/web-sites.

One lives in Delaware; one lives in Florida - another lives in Maryland, and I live in Nevada, so it's something that can be accomplished 'remotely'.

If you check out my profile, you'll see a bucket-load of blogs. Every blog has music on it.

Below is the link to my play-lists; I have about 5,000 songs on probably 52 to 54 play-lists.

You can make your own there; then GENERATE THE CODE when you've finished. You'll see the button/tab to do that on your page (by the way, it's all free).

One you click GENERATE CODE, then it takes you to a page that asks you what color you want your play-list. Since one of my blogs is laid out like yours, I'd pick the GRAY because it blends nicely with the colors.

Go to the BOTTOM of you current blog; select PAGE ELEMENT at the very bottom.

When that opens, you'll copy the CODE YOU GENERATED from the play-list web-site, and place it in the HTML section. It's not an RS feed; it's not text or picture (some have done that). Look for the HTML - 'paste', and VIEW BLOG.

You'll scroll to the bottom; now you can see the play-list PERFECTLY.

I set my lists to START AUTOMATICALLY, but you can have a 'random selection' - even a delayed time to start playing.

If you mention that speakers should be turned on once you get the music, that will remind your readers to enjoy the music.

If anyone doesn't like the music, they can turn down the speakers.

There you go - hope all this helps. Regards, Diane


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