Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sound of the Day Podcast - April 3 2005

Sound of the Day Podcast - April 3 2005

If you've looked behind the door in an old house, you've seen the source for the Sound of the Day podcast sound for today.


Chris Ritke said...

Let me tell you - you're killing me - this is so cool. Your intros are great - I love the sounds, I just think the whole format is awesome!

This stuff just keeps showing up at I can't resist clicking - keep it coming!

Sound of the Day said...

Thanks so much for the kind feedback. I'm glad you enjoy the show. Tell you what, if you keep listening, I'll keep putting out the Sound of the Day. :)

I'm not sure how they end up on, but I'm glad they do. Thanks for turning me on to that site!