Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sound of the Day - January 23 2005

Sound of the Day - January 23 2005

You probably won't be able to guess this one.


Anonymous said...

Definitely this is a tough one. It makes me think of something circular like the record player or a rotating disc. BUT it also sounds like a can of whipped cream being dispensed. Please tell me what it is!!! I LOVE sound of the day on my iPod. I think it is very creative. A perfect audio snack.

Sound of the Day said...

I'm so glad that you like the show. Stick around! Each month there will be a new "host" and little changes injected all the time.

To answer your question, this particular sound was a plastic gyroscopic device that I can spin up and down by hand. The sound gets more and more interesting as the gyroscope gets slower and slower. The sample used for this day was the very end of the slowdown... just before I stopped it manually.